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longlongwaytogo in food_in_fiction

What Would You Like To See?

What foods would you like to see mentioned in fiction?


Anything I've not heard of, so I can go and chase up (or nut out, as the case may be) a lovely new recipe. Hello Montalbano novels XD
I love hearing about new kinds of food too, particularly when the author goes into detail about what they are. For years I was frustrated by novels which mentioned foods that were new to me, but didn't explain what they were--for example, I spent years wondering what "grits" were.

And detailed descriptions of food make me happy though: I just love a book that makes my mouth water.
Anything that evokes the setting.
Anything appropriate to the setting, genre, time period.

No deep fried potatoes in pre-Columbian Europe, for instance. I've seen that a few times and it always hurts.