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longlongwaytogo in food_in_fiction

A Game of Thrones

According to someone I spoke to today on LJ, GRR Martin uses the phrase 'breaking his fast' too often. I have to say I agree. Yes, we get it, the word breakfast doesn't exist yet and the character hasn't eaten because he's been sleeping.

What do you think?

And what food do you like the sound of in A Game of Thrones?


I think it's unreasonable to object to it being used "too often". Once the author decides that that's what the people in this culture say because the word "breakfast" doesn't exist, then that's how he's routinely going to have to refer to people having their first food of the day.
He could "satisfy his hunger" or "partake" of whatever's bubbling in the kettle. He could even "consume his meager rations"! lol