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longlongwaytogo in food_in_fiction

Hi there everyone!

Just a note to remind you that this comm still exists. :) I just haven't had much to post to it this year, but you're still welcome to!


Actually, I've attempted two or three posts in the past year; I was notified that one had been declared spam, and I never received a mod response for the other two. The last post that I remember having gotten through was the one on Vulcan food.

If things are under control after the Goat's latest overhaul, I'll be more than happy to continue posting--for example, there's a charming Criminal Minds fanfic wherein the characters are profiled as assorted chocolates, as well as an epic Neo-Pagan wank over whether Loki likes strawberry shortcake (and the relative theological merits of store-bought versus homemade.)
Oh I'm sorry. :( LJ must not have notified me.

Please do post those things!
I wouldn't have declared it spam...
My apologies, then; it may have been on fan_foods that that happened. I've had similar problems withcriminalxminds and the personal blog of one of my LJ friends automatically screening any comment containing a link as spam--something's evidently wonky with the settings.