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full_metal_ox in food_in_fiction

A double helping of Criminal Minds fanfiction.

"5 Word Ficlets...Penelope Garcia", by sallymn. Predominantly gen, with passing mentions of Garcia/Kevin and Hotch/Haley. In the first segment, "Delectable", Garcia indulges in her own quirky sort of profiling: personifying her colleagues as assorted chocolates.

"Five times Spencer’s teammates were seen feeding him, and one time they weren’t. (Seen.)", by hagar_972. Gen fluff. Exactly what it says on the label, with the deft use of food choices as a vehicle of characterization.


I think you posted this in the wrong place
How so? It's fiction in which food plays a prominent role; I'm pretty sure that fanfiction is expressly permitted in the community rules, and indeed there's a tag for it; and, if you check the post immediately preceding, this is something thatlonglongwaytogo gave me specific permission to post.
I am sorry, I miss read it and thought you might have accidently posted this here. (really I wasnt trying to be snarky I have hit the wrong button at times and ended up telling cat pictures about my new face cream, or that sort of thing.

Please forgive me you are right on the money and I am sorry