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Dec. 14th, 2010




So, it's Christmas for your characters. What do they eat? What do they make? Can you share some of your scenes? How do you describe things?

Nov. 26th, 2010




Ever written a Thanksgiving scene? What did your characters eat for it?

Nov. 6th, 2010



Technically not a food

I have a friend who is wanting her character in a fantasy/medieval sort of setting to be a drug addict. Syringes don't exist, and though she CAN make up a drug she doesn't really want to. I suggested opium but if she's being at all accurate that'd be pretty rare, right?
Were there drugs that medieval people got addicted to, other than alcohol?

Jul. 3rd, 2010



Kitchen Fire Screens


This sort of fire screen. I've seen them in cottage kitchens before, to stop small children from touching the stove, and to dry things. Were they moved to the side/pulled out so that people could reach the oven/fireplace? How?

Jun. 30th, 2010



Copper cooking implements


Okay, it's not 'fiction' as in writing, but my dollhouse is sort of fiction for me. What would this triple water boiler have been used for?
How about the single one?

Would either of these be appropriate for the Victorian era?

Were copper pans used in the Victorian era for cooking?

Jun. 2nd, 2010

eatin ur foodz--by me


(no subject)

So yet another chapter. I need some traditional Japanese drinks that a modern kid could have (ie, no sake). Additionally, it's set in the Pokémon world so there's all those Berries...but the issue is more the "traditional Japanese" part. Any styles I should know about? Anything to avoid (maybe a correlative import among the berries or something)?

Oh yeah, the setting is a formal party, and people are milling around.

May. 22nd, 2010

gud magazine


Beets: good for more than just health reasons.

We've made "The Prettiest Crayon in the Box" by Heather Lindsley free for one day. No registration required or anything like that.

Donald sits down two barstools away from me, the closest acceptable position in a nearly-empty bar. Donald will want to talk, I can see that, but he'll be polite about it.

If his name isn't Donald, it might as well be. He looks like a man who would answer to Donald. His wife and his boss and his mother probably call him that, all the people who resist calling him Don.



It doesn't seem like there's a national beet day, but there really ought to be. Everyone should get a pick-me-up now and then. :)

May. 19th, 2010



Freedom's Landing

Anne McCaffrey novel, Freedom's Landing.
Food featured:
Gorupears: Not sure why they're called that, other than perhaps they look like pears... and grow in groups or something else, not sure? Original, and I assume it's the name that she gave it rather than the official name. It's got an avocado sized pit. "Nothing from good old Terra rivalled them for taste". Grows in trees surrounded by thorn bushes that rain darts if you disturb them, in, she hypothesises, a symbiotic relationship. "She bit appreciatively into the firm reddish flesh of the fruit and its succulent juices dribbled down her chin onto her tanned breasts."

She's going to gather nuts and dry gorupears on the rocks by the river for the cold season.
She survives by watching what the avians eat and doing skin tests on everything. (She's on the run from the aliens who enslaved her and many other humans).

"She wrinkled her nose at the half eaten pear. They were mighty tasty but a steady diet of them left her hungering for other basic dietary requirements."
"Her term in the food preparation unit of her 'master' had given her other commodities to look for- though few of those grew wild in this jungle. Still, there were little yellow-scaled fish from the river that had provided her with both protein and exercise."

Later she has nutrient bars that are really hard to eat without water apparently but they do anyway. And aliens that live with them have deficiencies in their diet that they can't find in the natural environment of the planet that she and a bunch of slaves of different species are taken to and dropped at. They find grain in silos (dun dun DUN) when it's supposed to be an uninhabited planet, and start making unleavened bread (and apparently then the scientists create yeast? ) They eat 'rock squats' which are alien creatures that live on rocks. mm, roast rock squat!
They find some foods that make her lips tingle but the aliens greatly enjoy. The aliens also love these poisonous thorns that almost kill one of the main characters.
They create some sort of drink that has a minty aftertaste.

May. 18th, 2010



Last Food You Included

What was the last food you mentioned in a piece of writing?

Feb. 5th, 2010



(no subject)

What exactly does black pudding taste like? Is it similar in any way to rare beefsteak, or closer to a sausage? I'm interested in the overall texture as well as the taste - is it chewy like a sausage, or smoother (like a hot dog) or tough like steak? Is is greasy at all, or moist, or dry?

I know there's various ways to prepare it, and I'm not looking for a specific one. Any information at all is welcome - just please specify which preparation you're referring to (fried, boiled, etc). Thanks a lot!

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