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Food and Drink in Fiction
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Discussing food in fiction, and helping writers correctly or creatively use it in fiction
This comm is for writers and readers to discuss food and drink in fiction, and to improve their own writing.

Have you noticed how many times characters eat 'bread and cheese'? Would you like to prevent that?

Do you need help figuring out what characters would have been eating in a certain scene, situation or era? (Fantasy stuff is fine too, we can help with that) (and it can be your own characters, or characters you have read about)

Want to worldbuild?

Want to know if what food you've written them eating is accurate or plausible? Unsure how to describe something?

Has a piece of fiction made you curious about what people in that time or place ate?

Curious about what a certain recipe or dish actually tastes or looks like, so you can write about it, or you've read characters eating it and now are curious?

Discuss utensils, food preparation, eating styles, seasonal foods, transport of food, cooking techniques, servants involved with food, anything to do with food and drink, in context with things you have seen in fiction, or are writing in fiction, or would like to see in fiction. This can make your fiction more believable.

Want to share good or bad examples of food use in fiction? Seen romans eating chocolate? Seen 13th century english people using bananas, either to eat, or for ... unconvential use?

If it's connected to food or drink, and fiction, it can be discussed or posted about here.

Any genre, and fictional movies and tv shows and games count as 'fiction' as well.

Ordinary comm rules about respect of members and maintainers/mods apply. Please attempt to help other people where you can!

Any questions, just ask one of the maintainers.

Just a note: This is not a comm for general writing discussion. There are plenty of other comms for that.
If you'd like to post an offtopic post, please contact longlongwaytogo before hand for permission.

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